An onlay is similar in some ways to fillings and crowns

Filling the area between the cusps using ceramic materials

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An onlay is related to an inlay and similar in some ways to fillings and crowns.

An onlay is pre-molded outside of the tooth by a technician in a lab. It fits in the inside and outside portions of the tooth, over the cusps. The dentist bonds the onlay to the tooth using dental cement. Light cures it to quickly harden it.

Onlays can come in a variety of materials. Many patients prefer porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin. These match the color of the tooth and improve the person’s smile. Metal onlays of gold and silver are not as aesthetically pleasing. However, these last longer and provide a stronger bite force.

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The first step in getting a dental onlay is to have an appointment at the dentist’s office. The dentist will explain how the procedure works and what the effects will be afterward. The dentist will also take X-rays to determine the extent of the damage or issue with the tooth. Then, the dentist will make impressions in order to correctly fabricate the onlay. This first appointment should last about half an hour. The time will be 15 to 30 minutes longer if the dentist has to remove any decay from the tooth first.

Returning for the dental onlay

A week or two later, the onlay should be ready for placement during an appointment that takes about an hour. The patient comes back to the office, where the dentist prepares the person’s tooth. The dentist will numb the patient with a local anesthetic. The dentist then cleans the tooth and places the dental onlay inside to make sure it fits well. If it does, the dentist bonds it in place. Then, the dentist will check the person’s bite and polish the tooth so that the onlay blends in well.

Maintaining your smile

Caring for a dental onlay is vital for the effectiveness of this treatment. You should avoid eating hard and sticky foods, especially in the few days and weeks following the procedure. You must also continue to follow good oral hygiene practices.

A good way to improve your smile

If you have a cavity or have damaged a tooth somehow, a dental onlay could be the right solution. This treatment can restore the function of your tooth and make your smile whole once more. It only takes two visits to accomplish these. Each appointment should take an hour or less, meaning your new smile is not far away.

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