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Have you been thinking about dental implants because your denture slips all the time, or you even lost count of how many times of repairing and replacing your dentures? You can now enjoy your food fully by chewing comfortably like you used too with dental implants.

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“I am afraid of the pain if I get dental implants.”

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about implants is that they are painful and take a long time to heal. That is not entirely true! Did you know that a simple extraction is more painful than a dental implant? According to, out of 234 patients who have had implants, only 2% of the patients experienced severe pain after 24 hours of their surgeries.

With today’s advancement, now you can achieve pain-free and faster dental implants procedures all while having your original smile.

How to choose the ideal dental implant?

So what are dental implants?

A dental implant is a small but tough base for permanent or detachable substitute teeth that are made to match with your other natural teeth. They have many aesthetic benefits like boosting your confidence and helping you achieve the perfect smile again, however they also play a crucial role in the function of your mouth.

If you have a missing tooth, getting a dental implant can help support a healthy bite and keep each tooth in place while supporting a healthy jawbone and preventing your jawbone bone from declining.

Tooth implant with permanent metal screw and dental crown

How can Dental Implants benefit you?

What do we expect having dental implants on?

Enhanced Self-Esteem

Dental implants are basically like your natural teeth. They can give you back your smile with maximum comfort and help you gain more confidence when you are out hanging with your family and friends.


Enhanced Speech

Just like retainers, wearing dentures may lead to unclear speech and not to mention, they can slip out of place causing you to mumble your words. Dental implants allow you to speak comfortably without worrying the teeth might slip.


Preserve Facial Structure

Our natural teeth help our bones to remain strong and healthy. The forces we generate as we chew transmit through the tooth roots to the bone, which stimulates the maintenance of bone density. If a tooth is missing, the bone around it doesn’t receive this stimulation and may begin to slowly recede over time. With a shrinking bone, the shape of your face may also change over time. Get in touch with us for a consultation soon.


Healthy Jawbone

Dental implants transmit chewing forces to the jawbone which helps to maintain a healthy jaw and therefore preserve your facial structure.



With dental implants, you do not have to remove your dentures, clean and soak them overnight anymore. Not to mention the smell of dentures.



Implants are very durable and will last many years. With good care, many implants last as long as you have them.


Types of Implant



Why do I choose Straumann implant

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It got to be affordable

The cost of implant treatment varies depending on your case and expectations. Based on our vast choice, ranging from the most sophisticated to the straight forward, you will find a premium solution tailored to your needs and financial situation. Whatever your needs and expectations, learn more about your possibilities and ask your dentist for details.

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It must last

At Straumann we are proud of our scientifically proven excellence. For decades we have been committed to technological innovation and uncompromising quality. Long-term clinical studies on implants show success and survival rates of 97% to 100%*. The studies show that 10 years after implantation, these implants were still working fine in 97% to 100% of cases.

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Help wound healing & minimize discomfort

We have a unique gel that contains specific natural proteins. When applied during surgery, it stimulates cells and biological processes that are fundamental for wound healing. You deserve well-being and fast recovery, ask your dentist.

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Shorter treatment time

Dental implant treatment requires a series of appointments and time for the implant to heal. In a so-called immediate procedure, the treatment can be shortened, and you won’t have to expose a tooth gap after implant placement.

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